Chris Farrell - "My Circus Days" - CD

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16 songs written and performed by Chris Farrell with some of Chicago's finest musicians as guest artists. Michael Miles, Chris Walz, ​​Jessica Ziegler, Rich Krueger, Harry Gray, Al Ehrich, Richard Pettengill, Heather Riordan,​ Tony Dale, Victor Sanders. ​

01. Sweet St. Cecilia
02. Johnson's Blue Guitar
03. Table Of Games
04. Nuns In Disguise
05. Go Yo-Yo Go
06. The Pin Boy
07. Widowville
08. The Lamplighter
09. The Show Goes on
10. Normal, Illinois
11. Jimmy Nicol
12. Ballad Of A Band
13. The Belmont Ave. Hotel
14. Don't Tell Me God Told You
15. My Circus Days
16. Tears Of Buonarroti